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January 27, 2005



Sorry to disappoint you but the real energy of the future hasn't been discovered yet.
Gravity is too limited to be a universal power source.
The future power will be one that is capable of stopping the rotation of the planet.A variation will provide power for personal airborne vehicles.
The book says that levitation (anti-gravity)will be looked down on as a showmanship trick.


Quote"The book says that levitation (anti-gravity)will be looked down on as a showmanship trick." unquote

The book? what book ?

Anyway, you're both wrong. Gravity doesn't exist - It's just the world that sucks! ;-)

Ed. B

I'm Not the Ed. referred to.
But the book mentioned is ancient history as recorded by various older Religions of the World.
This guy is just to stupid to waste time answering. What he doesn't know would fill the Grand Canyon, What he thinks he knows would fill a library; what he actually knows might fill a small book. Stupid people think they know all there is to know. Intelligent people know that they know very little and understand even less.
If he had the experience of reading and understanding ancient authors he would know that they were wittness's to strange flying vehicles and power sources which appeared in their lifetimes.
Yes we have seen some astounding acomplishments in the last hundred years; but there are much more very dramatic events coming in the near future.
Yes there will be a gravity machine invented shortly that will alleviate the power shortage that is developing rapidly acrossed the world.
I suspect that; that will be followed by a propuslion device using an unthought of, for now, concept. Boy! the next hundred years are really going to be exciting ones for humans.

Darren Humphris

Dear Sir
With regard to gravity theories I have one from my research. Gravity is a by product of mass, without mass you don't have gravity and without gravity mass would fail to exist. By applying energy to gravity you can reproduce mass and mass can be made into gravity they are the same thing. When gravity draws mass to the earth its a little like wind catching a sail of a boat. Gravity is energy particle called gravitons thousands of gravitons travell through atoms the exchange of energy on contact is that what draws the stable mass towards the earth because it has a large signature and the sun being a larger mass draws the earht around it, if the earth stop spinning it would be drawn to the sun quickly the spinning of the earth and its mass and the energy supports it naturally in it position in orbit.
I feel the scientist have the wrong gravity formular making it to complicated its actually quite simple and it not alot different than einstein's e=mc2 beautiful formular so simple mass times the speed of ligt square = energy look at the formular in many ways, mass can be converted inbto and anything and does not loose any of its actual mass. well thats enough for now if you interested in chatting in regard to this matter don't hesitate to contact me and I wil reviel my formular of gravity.
Thankyou for reading my material.


Very interesting comment....

How exactly are you defining "mass?"

Light, for example, actually has mass.

Darren Humphris

Mass and matter is actually the same thing, mass is usually explained as an area a space of something "matter" occupies this area.Light itself is manipulated by gravity because its a form of matter.I want you to pickup anything and drop it to the ground a few times and just empty your mind of everything and just watch and tell me what you see. Its not pulled and its not pushed towards the ground it accellerates to the ground, you can spin it wobble it and it !
The issue about antigravity machine well its like this gravity is actually in a sense, artificial, with out matter it doesn't exist. its a by product of matter in space where nothing exist there is no gravity waves "think about this for a moment" no matter no gravity. we only notice gravity when ourselves "matter" and the force we measure with the equipment is made from matter. Manipulating gravity (gef)can make anything float and propel it in any direction at any speed, speed is produed by manipulating the gef.
Some of the latest and heavies USA miltary planes "cargo equipment crafts" are using smaller engines and using shorter runways to lift off. 20% of the weight of these crafts have been made lighter by agricultural antigravity machines. Boeing have been watching very closely trying to workout how these crafts able to takeoff with short runways.I must go now some food for thought. reply with some questions.

Darren Humphris

gravity passes through all objects because it is compatible to the very makeup of all matter. Smaller than atoms itself the building blocks of energy.


Does gravity exist in worm holes?

Darren Humphris

Good question does matter exist in a worm hole, well does air presure exist in a vacum, yes it does depending on what the vacum measure is in relation to normal. Worm hole is a point of flow where to different places come together at the same space and time.

Ed B.

There's a good indication of what I meant about ignorance of the human being. What we don't know yet may fill the grand canyon. What little we do know can be written in a small book!

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